How Does It Work?

New, medical-grade laser technology has made laser tattoo removal treatments much more effective than in the past, reducing the number of treatments required.

Using an ND:Yag Q Switch Laser to target ink particles below the skin’s surface, rapid pulses of light and heat break apart the targeted ink particles. Your body then breaks down and disposes of them over the course of your tattoo removal program.

Getting Started

Free Consultation

We'll start with a Free Consultation to assess your tattoo removal needs. Skin type, tattoo quality and colour, and your desired end results will be considered. Based on the discussion and a quick patch test, a treatment program will be developed so you know what to expect. We are happy to work with and stay in contact with your tattoo artist.

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It’s important to understand that not all tattoos are created equal,some will fade a lot more easily than others. Patience, and following your treatment program are key to success.

Please read the sections below for more information

Setting Realistic Expectations

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Typically, 6-12 treatments are required for a complete removal, 2-6 sessions are required to prepare for a cover up. These are important factors to be consider when determining your desired end result

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Tattoos were meant to be permanent and complete removal is not always possible. A faint ‘shadow’ of the tattoo may always remain. However, most clients consider the removal a complete success, even with a small amount of remaining pigment.

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Treatments are generally scheduled about 6 weeks apart, however, the amount of time between appointments will vary based on your body’s ability to heal and the condition of the tattoo you are removing It is important to follow your treatment plan to ensure your removal program is a success.

Prep For Treatment

To prepare for your treatment, make sure to eat and drink water a few hours before hand.

Prior to treatment, wash and clean the skin, avoid lotions, body glitter and make-up. Wear comfortable clothing and removable jewelry to your appointment.

During Your Session

During your treatment protective goggles (which we provide) must be worn at all times to shield your eyes from intense laser light.

You can expect some mild discomfort, if needed we will manage any pain with ice packs and topical creams. Feel free to ask about this during your consultation.


Aftercare is similar to getting the tattoo – keep the treated area clean and dry, don’t scratch or pick at it and be cautious about sun exposure.

Complete aftercare will be discussed following your treatment and home care information will be provided.