How Does It Work?

New laser technology has made laser hair removal treatments painless and highly effective. Gone are the days of painful electrolysis treatment programs that took years to complete.

Modern laser technology targets hair follicles with a focused beam of highly concentrated light. A split-second pulse of the laser causes the pigment in the hair follicle to absorb the laser’s energy, converting that energy into heat that disables that follicle

By staggering treatments to target hairs during their active phases of growth – usually six to ten treatments in total with a yearly touch-up – permanent hair reduction can be achieved.

Getting Started

Free Consultation

We'll start with a Free Consultation to assess your hair removal needs. Hair colour and thickness, age, weight, metabolism and other factors will be considered. Following the consultation, a treatment program and pricing will be developed so you know what to expect.

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Setting Realistic Expectations

Treatments have a cumulative effect, with each scheduled appointment, different follicles will be in growth phase and can be successfully eliminated.

Lasers target melanin, which is colour. The more colour the hair follicle contains the better the results. Black and brown hair will show better results than blond, red and grey hair.

Everyone’s body is different, depending on a number of factors, you may need more than 6 treatments for complete hair removal. You may also need occasional touch-up appointments in the future to eliminate new hair growth.

Prep for Treatment

Please stop sugaring or waxing 6 weeks prior to your hair removal treatment.

Carefully shave the area to be treated the day before your appointment – take extra care because skin abrasion will require us to reschedule.

Wear comfortable clothing and removable jewelry to your appointment.

During your Session

During your treatment, protective goggles (which are provided) must be worn at all times to shield your eyes from intense laser light.

The treatment is virtually painless; most clients say they only feel a little warmth or sometimes a mild tingling sensation.


Immediately after the laser hair removal treatment, you may experience minor redness: this will disappear within a few minutes. The damaged hairs will fall out naturally over the next few weeks and any regrowth will be lighter and finer.

Keep the treated area clean and dry, and be cautious about sun exposure.